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Karen is an accomplished and compassionate coach that helps her introverted clients reach their goals. Her understanding of effective social media benefits helps her clients share their messages and grow their influence.. She is an experienced life coach with a background in Neuro Linguistic Programming and uses these skills and knowledge to guide introverts through the challenges they may face in all areas..
Karen uses her empathetic approach to listening when she is working with someone. She doesn’t try to push her own ideas and solutions on a client, but she truly helps them work through the processes to find the best answers for them. She holds her clients accountable for their work toward their goals by combining clear steps, logical and positive conversations, and heartfelt support. 

Jennifer. M

Karen is clearly a heartfelt coach that works with business owners and entrepreneurs to increase their social media presence and engagement, leading to sales conversations. She lives for social media and is very knowledgeable about numerous platforms that could help increase exposure and revenue in your business. Contact Karen to get your social media presence moving forward.

Steve. F

I’ve worked with Karen on many collaborative projects, and she is utterly amazing. She is innovative and brings her unique perspective to anything she works on. Her work on finding and developing the superpowers of introverts is transformative. I love that she doesn’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole. Introverts do NOT need to try to become more extroverted. She helps them shine just as they are. Her strategies and ways she helps bring clarity are top-notch. I love working with Karen because she is dedicated and gets the job done.

Stacy. B