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Thriving in a World of Extroverts!

Today’s world is all about that 15 minutes of fame, from reality shows to social media where the biggest desire can be to go viral. Everywhere we look, someone is doing something bigger and crazier than the last in order to get noticed.

It can leave you feeling isolated, unable to succeed without becoming someone that you are not!

Being in desperate need of income, Karen turned to Network Marketing, rather than work in the public again, but was smothered by the pressure to cold message, jump up and down and be excitable about everything. The idea of going Live or doing video was daunting!

Fake It Till You Make It

Just get out there, do it, be friendly, be outgoing, just rest afterwards were all things that Karen heard, but a deep desire led her to finding a different way. As she researched and grew on a personal level, she became a certified NLP Coach and Life coach, studying introverts on a deeper level

The Secret Sauce!

Finding new ways to authentically connect with others, that didn’t leave her feeling drained, Karen quickly realized that even though this was against everything ever taught in her industry, it still led to success and personal satisfaction. Her business started to grow and others began to connect asking how?

How did someone so afraid become someone that appeared unafraid?

Karen now helps other introverts discover their hidden gifts and instead of faking it till they make it, lean into them to pave their personal success path feeling confident and fully aligned with their abilities.

Karen guides other introverts live a happy, aligned existence in life, family and business.

No matter what your story is, or your starting point, Karen can help you dive into your own strengths to start creating the life that you have been dreaming of without feeling false.

Signature Presentation!

Real-life action steps to step into your authentic self!

Introverts often feel like they live their life from the gallery, watching and never participating. Often like they don’t fit in, that success is for those destined to lead, the loudest in the room. That failure or just a simple career is for them. Misread as individuals without anything to contribute and often overlooked, this powerful presentation will take you through Karen’s journey as a powerless introvert, to happy, successful, calm and authentic, mom, wife, entrepreneur, network marketer and speaker.

From almost losing her life to a man she thought was there to help her gain strength, leaving her with agoraphobia, PTSD, Anxiety left Karen completely locked in her introverted world. Discovering real-life gifts where introverts have the most power, Karen will take you through three of these hidden gifts and teach you how powerful, creative and successful you can be as an introvert, a woman and a busy mom juggling it all!

About Karen Hewitt

Karen is a certified Life and NLP coach. The founder of both Blossom To Success coaching and training as well as Why Didn’t you Leave, a resource and storytelling website highlighting why those enduring domestic violence don’t leave.

Karen’s story began when she realized that she was being forced to become someone she wasn’t in order to be successful, that it was draining, paralyzing and depressing. After 2 failed marriages, one emotionally void and the other extremely violent, she was a shell of a person and with the love and guidance of her husband, she knew there had to be a better way.

After hitting rock bottom, heavily pregnant with their third child, they lost their home, their car, she felt that there was no option but to live life in fear, depression and a constantly anxious state. Over the next 5 years, Karen learned the scientific benefits of the language we use, not only when speaking with others, but with your self and began to study NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing), learning how a lot of programming that we go through as children and through relationships impact our lives in both positive and negative ways. Quickly realizing that this ‘secret’ needed to be more readily available to the world, along with the hidden gifts that have often been told as negatives, Karen joined Toastmasters in order to learn how to express these thoughts in a public forum, to not be crushed by fear.

Karen launched Blossom to Success, quietly in 2018 and has been working with small groups and individuals to guide them to their strengths and purpose. After working in these one on one scenarios, it has evolved to creating courses as well as free training on social media, life, and public speaking, geared to the introvert that desires understanding why each step matters. Helping them unlock that greatness that is within in an authentic manner.

As a speaker that impacts the audience on an emotional level, she never leaves them without feeling they have an action plan to put into effect as soon as they leave. Karen connects with empathic, introverted individuals that know that there is something more to what they are doing, but don’t know how they can impact or express themselves because of feeling shy, introverted or even unworthy. Helping them see that power that is inside them, Karen’s message of possibility, strength, and individuality resonate in a world where the quiet ones are overt looked and helps them become a powerhouse in their own right.

When Karen isn’t working with her team, her clients or delivering presentations helping them take their lives in the direction they were dreaming of; she is homeschooling her 5 children with her husband James! Participating in acts of community service, spiritual practices and taking life by each moment!