Our sessions will be

  • Personalized

    Our initial sessions will be dedicated to assessing your current social media platforms and creating a personalized plan to fit your unique needs and goals.

  • Targeted

    Designed with your customer base in mind to create an engaging and thriving community

  • Strategic

    This isn’t your momma’s post and pray, this is about strategy and curating something that showcases your individual and authentic voice.

This is what your clients and

customers will say!

What you’ll get

  • 4 sessions each month of 45 minutes, 1-on-1 sessions

  • Comprehensive social media assessment

  • Personalized education, understanding, and strategy to help you reach your goals

  • Unlimited guidance and support via voxxer

  • Helpful tools, tips, and tricks for navigating your unique obstacles


What experience do you have coaching individuals or teams on social media, and what specific results have you achieved for your clients?

Karen Hewitt has over 7 years of experience working in marketing and advertising, with a strong focus on digital marketing, social media, and branding. She has worked with clients in various industries, including healthcare, finance, and technology, helping them achieve their marketing goals through her expertise and strategic approach. In addition to her years of experience, Karen has undergone meta-training in person, and advanced knowledge in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) which allows her to tailor her marketing strategies to better resonate with her client’s target audience. Although it is not confirmed whether Karen has received training from Facebook Corporate, her expertise and experience make her a skilled and knowledgeable professional in the world of marketing. Karen’s passion for innovation and dedication to achieving her client’s goals make her an asset to any team or individual looking to excel in the field of marketing.

How do you evaluate the progress and success of coaching sessions, and what metrics do you use to track improvement?

Karen Hewitt measures the success of a social media campaign through a variety of metrics that are relevant to the client’s goals. These may include engagement rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and revenue generated. By tracking these metrics, Karen is able to determine which strategies are working and adjust the campaign accordingly. She also analyzes the performance of individual social media platforms to determine where the majority of the target audience is engaging and adjust the campaign to focus on those platforms. Karen also evaluates the success of a campaign based on how well it aligns with the client’s brand identity and message. By using a data-driven approach and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative metrics, Karen is able to provide her clients with valuable insights into their social media campaigns and help them achieve their marketing goals.

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends and best practices, and how do you incorporate them into your coaching sessions?

Karen Hewitt stays up-to-date with the latest social media trends and best practices by attending industry conferences, webinars, and workshops. She also regularly reads industry publications and follows thought leaders in the field. Additionally, Karen stays informed about platform algorithm changes and updates by participating in Facebook and Instagram’s advertising forums and newsletters. She also conducts her research by analyzing competitor’’ social media activities and staying up-to-date with trends in the industries of her clients. Karen incorporates her learnings into her strategies and advises her clients on the latest best practices for engaging with their audience and maximizing their social media presence. By staying informed and up-to-date, Karen ensures that her clients are always ahead of the curve when it comes to social media trends and emerging platforms.

Do You guarantee results?

While I cannot guarantee specific results, I can provide customized coaching sessions and strategies that are tailored to your individual needs and goals, and have a proven track record of success. However, it’s important to note that social media success relies on a variety of factors, including audience engagement, industry trends, and platform algorithms, which are beyond my control.

Why hire a strategist as a coach?

Hiring a social media strategist as a coach can be extremely beneficial for individuals or teams looking to improve their social media performance. A social media coach can provide personalized guidance, support, and feedback to help clients enhance their social media skills and achieve their marketing goals. They can also help clients identify areas of opportunity and develop a customized action plan to address them. In addition to providing coaching and support, a social media strategist can also bring a wealth of expertise in digital marketing, social media, and branding, which can be invaluable for businesses looking to build a strong online presence. Overall, hiring a social media strategist as a coach can provide clients with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s competitive digital landscape.