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I’m Karen, and I’m an introvert! After spending years being told, instead of being Introverted I should

“Just FAKE IT!”

“You Can Be Outgoing for 30 mins!”

I realized there is a better way!

Just because you are introverted, it doesn’t take away from your power!


What many introverts tend not to recognize is that the very things that make us introverted are often our biggest skillset. Our abilities to observe, listen, problem-solve, plan and many more

How Can I Help YOU?

By helping you with skills and techniques both in life and in business. I have the opportunity to help you be the aligned soul that you deserve to be! How would you like it if instead of feeling drained in life or business, you are enthusiastic, passionate, and energized?

That each day, you approached life and your business feeling authentic, real, and calm?

I have made it my personal mission, or my big hair audacious goal if you will!

I will help 100,000 introverts find the success they deserve by feeling aligned and leaning into their hidden gifts!

Why? Because I understand how self doubt effects introverts in a world where Extroverts seem to be the ones winning and we are left feeling less than needed!

I know from personal experience, how challenging being Introverted really is! Not only that, throw in being Empathic (which a lot of introverts naturally are)! We have a doozy of a combination!

I grew up so shy and introverted; I was bullied. Which made me turn further inward, followed by an emotionally empty marriage! Running away and moving to the USA where I spent the next few years living in fear!

I married a psychopathic narcissist who spent his time, both physically and emotionally abusing me. Where I was lucky to leave with my LIFE! You can read more of my story HERE, if you would like.

I withdrew from society, diagnosed with anxiety, Chronic PTSD, agoraphobia and depression, further diving into being an introvert. But I really wasn’t acting introverted; it was my safety net.

What Changed?

It took me years, the support of my amazing husband, lots of inner work, personal development, and growth to realize I no longer had to pretend to be someone else. You see I really get what it feels like to be that wallflower; to feel fake, and have to sleep for hours after any interaction with another human being! Because I have gone through this journey, investing in growth. I am now offering you the path already laid out so that hopefully we can remove many of the obstacles I had to stumble through! I know we can work through those moments of self-doubt, that comparison we often have and achieve greatness.

With all this history, passion, and that BHAG I spoke about earlier, I created my coaching programs, courses, and podcast training to help you create that life that you have been dreaming of. All without feeling fake, exhausted from being someone you are not and leaning into your hidden gifts.

I have found that so many of my clients come from so many diverse backgrounds and situations that it is truly inspiring to watch as their strengths show through and they begin to have that aligned authentic life and business! Where they wake up passionate, strong, intune and ready to take on the world, in their own particular way.

Is this for you?

If any of these statements apply to you, then you might be one of my introverted people just ready to be authentically you!

  • Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels and it’s exhausting
  • Or Maybe you know that you have goals you want to achieve. Yet every time it just doesn’t feel like you are doing it in a way that feels right to you?
  • You don’t feel comfortable being loud and energetic all the time
  • Yet you have a desire to grow yourself, but also find your true self
  • Friends and family tell you, that you are a great listener, offer good advice or that if only they could see what you see.
  • You know you have more to give this world, but you need to do it in a way that is aligned to YOU!
  • It’s TIME! You are ready to show up, as yourself because the world deserves you as you are meant to be

Maybe you have started your journey or have no idea where to start

That is why I am here, I can help you find that starting point. Whether you want to grow your current business, improve your life or just feel more confident in your own abilities. There is a variety of resources available to you! I will help you through the journey of being an authentically aligned Introvert removing the obstacle of not knowing the steps to take, yet I am not here to be a therapist. I will guide, coach, mentor and train you in techniques, mindset, strategy and much much more!


If you are ready to embrace that amazing individual that is you, especially as an introvert?

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What Others Say!

Jennifer McPeak

I wanted to share a bit about the impact that Karen has had on all aspects of my life. She’s an incredible coach that truly helps you set and track your actions and accountability. She’s exceptionally compassionate but has no trouble providing “tough love” when you need it. She is an excellent teacher as well. With her background, she can help you elevate your social media and blogging skills to new levels. As a mentor and coach, she takes each part of your life and keeps you moving forward. She won’t do the work for you but she helps you see the path you need to take.