Do you not have the time or is it an energy thing?

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this is the number one thing I hear when it comes to taking action for yourself! I just don’t have time for x, y, and z. Now, this could be in your business,  your life, your family or even your hobbies. What if I were to tell you that this was bogus?

The facts!

The facts are we all have the same amount of time in our lives, we each have 24 hours. It’s what we have to put into those 24 hours is where the difference lies. I’ve seen this saying everywhere, we all have the same 24 hours that Beyonce has. Well, we do, but now she has assistants, but she didn’t when she started.

Tip 1:

Your energy is dependent on how much rest you have, you cant deduct time from sleep, you need your7-9 hours each night. I will tell you that if you are sleeping more than that, and maybe still feeling tired, you may need to schedule a checkup. For me personally, this is normally a sign my iron level is low. So have hormones, vitamin and mineral levels checked to rule out underlying causes.


Tip 2:

Use a calendar, I love my color blocking system that you can find here. Because it doesn’t force you to be super detailed but it lets you set your flow up.

Tip 3:

Take notes, how are you feeling when you are doing certain activities? So are you tired, stressed, frustrated? Looking at how you feel internally will help you find the underlying issues and address them.

Let’s get real


you know that I am always going to tell you the truth, it’s not that you don’t have the time. Its that you don’t have the energy.  So next time you want to say you don’t have the time, say you don’t feel like it or up to it. See how that makes you feel and then you will know if its something you need to change in your life.


When you start your calendar be real on family, work and life times. I will be the first to tell you that you have to balance the 3. It’s not about spending 7 hours reading to your kids, but it is about taking time in your schedule and giving it your all

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