Taking personal Responsibity in Life

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Let’s Take Personal Responsibility!

Why taking personal responsibility in your life will help you succeed in more ways than you realize.

If you are not in a position where you want to be, I want you to genuinely look at the situation you are in and how you got there! Let’s be honest, not everything is within your control, but some things are.

For example, when I was in an abusive relationship, that was not something I could control. But when I made the decision to leave, then everything became something I could do. It’s about making that decision to do better in life, business and health.

It’s Easy To Assign Blame!

The real reason it is so easy to assign blame in your life is that your brain is pre-programmed to find the least pain possible. By blaming, you are protecting your self from harm. Similar to how a flame gives heat, which you feel before you actually burn yourself. It’s a neurological program that puts a wall in the way of personal harm. However, this is a loop we need to change in order to grow.

Some of the excuses you may come up with in business are:

  • Saturated Market
  • Out of stock Products
  • The kit is too expensive
  • Website too hard to learn
  • Friends telling you its a scam

But really how are these stopping you from succeeding? Your mind will tell you these are reasons you failed, not for anything you did but what was done to you. Instead, you can create an ironclad mindset and look for alternative paths to success.

What’s The Alternative?

Instead of saturation, how can you stand out? Instead of out of stock, what is in stock? If someone can succeed at something, then here is the wake-up call, you can as well.

List all your excuses and then come up with 2 solutions for each excuse, you can even join our free mastermind group for brainstorming and a worksheet to work on this ๐Ÿ˜€



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