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Tools For Your Business

  • #Sunsama: Your ADHD-Organizing Powerhouse

    Struggling with #ADHD? Meet Sunsama, your ultimate tool for staying organized and productive. With intuitive task management, scheduling, and focus-enhancing features, Sunsama helps you take control of your day and achieve your goals. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to productivity with #Sunsama. Try it now and unlock your true potential. #ProductivityTool #ADHDManagement


  • Nimble CRM

    Track clients, relationships, and more with Nimble with amazing social media integrations.


  • Tubebuddy


    Let’s stop guessing if you are uploading your youtube videos with SEO. Get a month free, and then starting at less than $6 a month (less than 1000 Subscribers get more of a discount) Grab your deal HERE

  • Popl

    Stop carrying paper business cards that get thrown away or damaged, one tap and share contact information

    Use Coupon Code KARENHEWITT for 20% off HERE

  • Yoodli

    An Amazing FREE Tool to improve your online video presence, create captions and confirm keywords! Yes I said FREE


  • ManyChat

    Be Smart on Social Media and Use AI to your advantage! Cheaper than a VA and system based


  • Free and Paid Email Marketing

    When building on Social Media, you need to remember that you don’t own the platform, its incredibly important to build your email list. Get free and paid options


  • Link In Bio

    Best Link Page is available HERE

  • Metricool

    Get your Scheduler HERE Free options available

  • Rubi Flex

    Get AI that actually works for you HERE

Beauty and Skin Care

  • The Best Skincare and makeup and More

    Amazing Skincare and makeup! Enjoy cost-effective vibrant products all backed by EU compliance.


Work Books and Journals for Self Growth

  • Overcoming TRauma

    I recommend the Printed version with plenty of space to journal out your thoughts


  • Audible

    Sign up and get upto TWO books FREE and a free trial HERE

  • Blossom To Success Amazon Store

    Some of my favorites over on Amazon

  • Temu

    Great value shopping with amazing discounts Shop here

  • ScentBird

    Not sure if you would like a scent, this allows you to try with a decent-sized bottle and not break the bank. HERE