Get a Monster Mindset from Lady Gaga

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Allo Loves! It is Karen Hewitt with It’s Your Time To Blossom and we are going to talking all things, Gaga!

Lady Gaga = Social Media Sensation?

I don’t know if you have noticed but she is kinda social media viral sensation this past week and she is really good at doing that Viral Media Sensation isn’t she? I mean, do you remember that meat dress? Yeah! I still have nightmares about that dress. But what she does is have a kick-ass mindset! It’s done so well and I want you to have that mindset as well.

We’re going to be talking all things mindset, NLP and being the most confident version of yourself and how to rock your business even if you are an Introvert, and you’re not feeling that outgoing, confident crazy let’s see what insane outfit I can put on like Lady Gaga feeling okay?

Okay, so Lady Gaga, let’s get straight to it, everything from her music to her TV, remember American Horror Story! How freaky was she in American Horror Story Hotel? I mean that was insane! Even looking at her other roles and now she has the Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga romance scandal of the year.

IS there a Romance Scandal?

Whether you think that they are together or not together that’s beside the point. What I want to talk to you about is her never-ending level of confidence or what it appears to be, she has even said that this is not something she was born with! There is something that she has that I want to gift to everybody.

That is tenacity, tenacity is this amazing thing that you can take on yourself, whether you are introverted, low confidence, high confidence, high vibe, low vibe.

So that’s what I want to gift to you today.


I don’t know, you probably saw the quotes going around facebook because of her acceptance speech and other things that she has said on talk shows and the like. In college she was voted the least likely person to succeed or will never get a grammy or something like that, they even put it in the yearbook, “Oh no she want, girl, you better stop your stuff because you ain’t getting anywhere” They were kinda like that with her, her boyfriend at one time told her that she would never succeed, she was surrounded by people that would make fun of her appearance, tell her she didn’t have what it takes or anything like that.

She had the odds stacked against her as far as mindset. How many times, have a think here ok!

How many times have you been told, you’re not going to make it, why are you doing that business? You are not going to be successful. Go on – get a real job! Girl why are you trying out for a singing show, you can’t sing. Why are you bothering drawing, I mean are you serious, it’s not like your van Gogh. How many times has someone said that to you, even when its a loved one?

Unfortunately, our loved ones can be our harshest critics, we don’t care for that, do we? nope, we don’t! So she had all this stacked against her but she still succeeded and I am going to tell you it’s because of this tenacity, this refusal to give in and I’m going to give you 5 tips to Lady Gaga yourself! Come on, she is pretty badass, you gotta admit that.

tip #1

Be yourself, if you look throughout her entire journey she has ricocheted and been on a rollercoaster. You know she has tried so many things but there is one thing that has always come across. She has always had this sense of quirky fun loving, creative spirit, it is always been very self-evident.

She is having fun, so guess what? If you want to wear Kitty Kat ears, wear kitty kat ears if you want to wear jeans and a tank top, wear jeans and a tank top. So if you feel you’re most confident in shorts and t-shirt, a girl wears shorts and a t-shirt. When you want to rock a bright red lip, rock a bright red lip. There are no rules out there that you have to follow other than the rules that you set for yourself.

Don’t let fear stop you

Don’t be afraid to give in to yourself, don’t be afraid to stop yourself, just do it! It’s gonna be ok, be yourself, but be authentically you. What does authentically you…This is something I get asked a lot, what does authentically you mean? Well if you feel icky doing it, if you feel like ‘she says I look good in blue and I should wear blue’ and you don’t feel good in blue, don’t wear blue, your heartfelt reaction will tell you, what you feel best in and will help you with your success.


Do what feels good, now sometimes fear will sneak in and go “o nonononono, you can’t do that, I don’t want you to listen to the no no no nono’s you can’t do that, do it. Because our success is on the other side of our comfort zone. You think Lady Gaga was like “I’m going to wear a meat dress, that meat dress is going to be amazing? “she was probably like ” I can’t believe I’m doing this but you know what I’ve got to do something creative something crazy and she did! What is the worst thing that can happen? As long as you’re not doing anything illegal or dangerous, have fun with it. Don’t stop yourself

Tip #2

These people that are so negative in your life, that will put you down and tell you no. If you can distance yourself from them, remove toxic personalities away from you. I mean seriously. THEY NEED TO GO! Now sometimes you cant remove those toxic personalities. Maybe because its family, maybe its a boss and you kinda still need that job until you get your dream life off the floor.

You’ve got to have that, but what you can do is limit your availability to them. Do you really have to go drinking with the boss after work and all the team, if you are feeling like that is a toxic environment? No! You don’t have to, you can have just where you have to be with them and nothing more.


Do you have to take extra trips to go spend time with your family even though you hate it and no-one else does it, maybe its an obligation to call my great uncle 6 times a week, no you’re not! You’re obligated to do a good thing, be there as the family that does not mean being at someone’s beck and call. It does not mean being felt pressured, it does not mean that you have to serve them completely or do everything that they say or be in the room with them every time. You can limit your level of toxicity even if it is someone that you can not remove from your life completely.

Do you think Lady Gaga is still with that boyfriend that told her she would never make it, no she told him that every time he would go into a deli to order a coffee you’re going to hear me? I think she is pretty famous now! Would you agree?

Question time!

Talking of famous what is your favorite role that Lady Gaga has played or favorite song? I kinda want to know, mmm I’m going to say, for me, it is American Horror story which is why I used it in the beginning, I have not seen the new movie, I know sacrilege!!! Also Bad Romance, cos I just think that is a fun quirky catchy song. I love it! Although Ido like Born this way, I just want to know what your favorite one is because I think that would be fun to find out!

Tip #3

On why you want to be a Lady Gaga, why you want to do this! She followed her passions, she could have been an extremely successful retail manager but she wanted to sing, dance, act so she did it! Maybe you want to something and everyone says oh no no no that’s not possible, guess what?? You can still do it, you can still pursue it, you do not have to listen to what other people tell you, like no you cant. If it makes you happy, I want you to pursue it, I want you to give it a try! if you want to act, you may not ever be in a Hollywood blockbuster but you may have so much fun doing community theatre but if you don’t try, if you don’t go for it, you never know where you are going to end up. EVER

Tip #4

You can be daring! You really think that some of the outfits that she has chosen for her music videos were like, oh yeah I’m going to look so hot in that? No, it’s like OK, they are going to remember me. So be daring, have fun, if you want to wear a polka-dotted t-shirt, wear a polka-dotted shirt, have fun with it. What’s the worst thing that can happen, you get on the worst dressed list? I think she has been there a few times, and would you say she is successful? If you are happy doing what you are doing, if you are happy in your skin, if you are happy in the clothes, screw everyone else!!! Quite simple, do not let them deter you!


To me, this is the biggest and most important one. Remain HUMBLE! There is this picture of Lady Gaga after she accepted her award and she is so overcome with emotion!

Her humility, just, oh it shines like a star, it shines very strongly. It doesn’t matter how successful you get, it does not matter how rich you get, how powerful you get. If you act like a stuck up B****, you’re not getting anywhere!

I want you to remain in alignment with what your life is. And part of that is being humble, and part of that is being true to yourself and being true to others. And remembering where you came from, you think Lady Gaga goes:

“I’m rich, I’m famous, I don’t need to do anything anymore”

No, she remembers where she came from. Lady Gaga remembers what she did and she has been known to do campaigns about beauty. Not full on makeup glam beauty but raw, natural full beauty! Plus she talks about things that are in a very down to earth way.

I know you have the ability to be crazy successful.  I know that you have so many things that are possible for you. But if you want to act like a jack a$$ you don’t deserve them. And I’m sorry I may get some hate on that I want you to be

I want you to find that success, but I want you to find it in a good happy uplifting powerful place! So these were some tips for lady Gaga’isms, I hope you like them!

Come back soon!

I would love to see you around and let me know what other kinds of videos and posts you want? Do you like hearing about this, do you like hearing about how stars have made it famous and what things we can take from them?



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