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I’m Karen Hewitt, a Social Media Strategist who’s wonderfully different – I’m proudly LGBTQIA and Pagan. But that’s not all – I also teach people how to build an authentic and powerful community online. Let’s connect and make some magic happen! 🌈✨🔮

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Its about authentic Human Connection on-line

Let’s get to the tea!

I’m a sassy Social Media Strategist who’s slayed her fair share of challenges in the past. As an introvert who survived extreme domestic violence and agoraphobia, I know what dealing with significant pain points and difficult life situations is like. But guess what? I rose above it all and discovered a way to sell online that’s ethical, authentic, and definitely not spammy. Now, I’m on a mission to help other go-getters like yourself to achieve the same level of success and confidence in their businesses. Let’s slay those challenges and conquer the online world together!

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