Have Confidence in Your Brand

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Having Confidence in Branding is Hard!

I know that throughout my network marketing career I have been offered many pieces of advice about branding, most very similar to each other.

I bet you have heard this before, “name five things that remind me of you” or “what three words do you think of when you think of me?” In fact, you can tell when one of these pieces of training has taken place because social media feeds are full of this one question.

However, I found this doesn’t work. Because let’s be straight, it doesn’t matter if you’re into puppy dogs and fiction books if it doesn’t help people find you for your business.

What changed!

My biggest change happened when I listened to a Tony Robbin’s keynote, where he expressed the biggest difference the success is when you focus on how you can help others.

So what is it that you want to do that helps other people? What is your desire to change for people? Do you want to have people find healthy lifestyles by giving delicious recipes? Or help people see the beauty that is more than skin deep? The trick is to get specific.

The example I give in the video below is my own business. My focus is on helping people become more confident. So, therefore, my brand is about inspiring confidence. Can you see how much more powerful this is than puppy dogs and fiction books?

Now what?

Okay, so you have how you can help people. How do you break it down? I like to take the bucket idea, from Vlog like a boss. The example used, is meal plans. So if your brand was to help people get healthy with easy and simple meals that you can cook in under 30 minutes, your buckets may include breakfast, lunch, dinners, and snacks. You might want to expand on this by adding grocery shopping tricks, how to feel full longer, how to handle cravings or even how to have your kicky kid enjoy the same things as you.

My brand is about confidence, so as you can see all my buckets are confidence related. Taking it one step further, I brainstormed ideas that I could cover in videos.

This allows me to get completely clear on my brand, this trick will help you too.

So as your brainstorming you can ask yourself does this help me serve my audience? Is this what I am destined to help people achieve?

Branding is more than things you like, it is about bringing value to the world.

What about colors for your brand?

Okay, I’m like to be real, people overthink this all the time. Go with what you like! One of the best tools I can offer you is canva.com you can play with colors and fonts I would recommend staying to 3 to 4 colors and 2 to 3 fonts. I would go with the hex code to make sure you get the same color every time. The hex code is a very specific code for colors and they are available in canva plus I love that one of my favorite apps word swag allows you to use these codes as well.

The biggest trick with branding when it comes to colors is not having the prettiest picture is being consistent across all your social media and all your images. If you choose to have one specific color keep the color on each page. Even use the same picture as your avatar.

Bonus tip.

Use the same filters and settings on all your arts to have a consistent feel to all your pictures

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