How to Start An Effective Journal

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Journaling is a great way to work through different stages of your life. Whether it is working out where you need to go next, how to remove blocks in your mindset or to calm the chaos in your mind. A journal can also be used as a way to express gratitude and create a memory log so you can look back and remember events in detail that might otherwise escape your mind.

So what inspires an introvert to journal and why is it so effective? As an introvert, it’s not natural to have a verbal sounding board, so where an extrovert may talk with a companion about what is happening, we have a habit of stuffing it deep down inside and not expressing concerns, challenges or even looking at changes we want to make.

This bottling mentality can and will cause issues where we repress our feeling till we blow or even encourage us to become more inward a challenge a lot of introverts struggle with on showing our thought process.

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So how do you journal?

It would drive me crazy when coaches would say, JOURNAL out your feelings! Did you journal today? All without giving any steps to getting started or even talking about what I should be writing. SO quite often I would sit down with every intention of journaling and even up to an hour later be sat with a blank page.

What do you need?

So let’s get started, this might sound girly but get yourself some cute supplies. I’m not talking stickers but if those make you smile, go for it. I’m talking about an attractive pen and a beautiful book. You can grab a lined notebook and a basic pen, but those don’t inspire excitement to write.

My personal choices are these rose gold glitter pens that I grabbed from Amazon; they are sooooo sparkly and my Dusty Rose Notepad from a good company. My mom instilled in me a need to be environmentally conscious, so looking for something that gave back was essential to me. Also, these were my first STONE notebooks, which is somewhat refreshing as well. You are creating sustainable content that is about making a conscious decision, so it was easy for me to choose these notepads because that is what the company stands for. Plus use the code BLOSSOMJOURNAL for a 20% discount

The reason you want a good quality notepad to journal in is a mental component. When you sit down with paper, you tend to scribble, but in a quality book you take your time, you think it through because part of you wants to keep the book pretty. Also, journaling is an act of self-care; you are pouring your soul into something to give yourself clarity, focus, and love.

Where do you Journal?

Then set up your location, if you are trying to journal in your five minutes that feel rushed between sipping cold coffee and wrestling kids to eat their breakfast or get into bed, you miss a chunk of what journaling can do for you. I have a large comfy chair, with a side table, bamboo plant complete with oversized pillows. You want to settle in to write, take a few moments, and reflect before that pen hits the paper.

Some like to journal at night and some in the morning. Try both and see what is best for you. I’m a night owl kind of girl. I get ready for bed, all relaxed, take a moment to breathe, seriously needed with five kids. Then settle into my comfy chair, grab my notepad and my glittery pen and start.

So now let’s talk about types of journaling


There is memory journaling, bullet journaling, creative journaling, and the stream of conscious journaling. There are probably a ton more as well, but these are where we are going to focus.

Memory Journaling

Memory Journaling is what was made famous by our ancestors.  Or even speaking directly to our diaries like a confident just like we sometimes wrote as a teenager. We would use the journal as both a confidant and a written account of our day. These sometimes start with Dear Diary or a date, and we list what happened during the day, we talk about events, what people said to us, how we were treated and so on. It tends to be more factual with current emotions rather than deep dives into how we are feeling and what actions we wish to take.

Bullet journaling

Bullet journaling is more of a plan rather than emotional; we list tasks, events, and opportunities we need to take advantage of can add aspects of what happened. But this is honestly more a form of being organized.

Creative Journaling

Creative, well that tends to be a mixed bag, you may see someone that tends to do little doodles as the journal but personal I see this as a manifestation tool. You write out how you want something to do. What your desired outcome is as a presented day storytelling tactic to expand your dreams and notions. Instead of saying I want a 6 figure business; You would write as I am looking up from my laptop, I am grateful for all that my 6 figure business has allowed my family to have, we are secure and happy.

Stream of Conscious Journaling

Finally, my favorite form is a stream of conscious journaling. These are where you allow yourself to be messy and let everything out on the paper, consider it a sort of brain dump. Where you take all of your mids chaotic thoughts and write, don’t care if it comes across as crazy, it does make sense eventually.

You can do a brainstorm mode where you create lists of ideas, feelings, concepts, and more. This is affectionately known as a brain dump. Where you dump it all out and sometimes it’s very random with everything from business, life, and household task down to those fleeting thoughts in your mind. The concept is that once it’s out in the journal you can make sense of it by organizing it. With the stream of conscious journaling, the easiest way to start is with a journal prompt

Such as

How am I feeling today?
If I could change one thing, what would it be?
What are my dreams and goals?
How do I want others to feel when they speak with me?
Where do I see myself in 5 years?
What am I grateful for in my life/business at this very moment?

With this in mind, what will you do to start your journaling experience today?