Cosmetic Confidence

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What does it mean to have Cosmetic Confidence?

First, I need to tell you what it isn’t! It isn’t a notion that makeup is everything, or that you need it to be confident or beautiful.

What it is, is that your beauty starts within you, however in my experience, there is something about skincare and cosmetics that will help you unleash your inner goddess.

Your Inner Goddess will ignite her light when you do a few things:

Love Yourself!

Practise Self Care!

Appreciate yourself!

Part of self-care is taking care of your skin, it’s your body’s largest organ, inundated with chemicals and pollutants on a daily basis. Learning to love your skin with skincare designed for you, after all, there is no other you out there, then expressing your creative side, your polished side, your sexy side with makeup just raises who you are by allowing you to have that outward expression.

In our Insider Group, I help women that have been told that makeup has rules, maybe it feels too complicated, not age-appropriate discover their personal self-love and confidence journey covering both inner and outer beauty.

The women I guide tell me that they feel that their confidence strengthens, that they are no longer scared to try trends, new things and have an overall feeling of satisfaction, self-love and personal appreciation for how they show up with confidence and feeling the authentic RockStar that they are