5 Tips to Start Your Month Strong!

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When you want to be strong in life and in business it can be tough. Sometimes months, weeks and days run into each other so let us have an exercise to separate them!

Here are 5 Steps to Starting Your Month Strong

1: Take inventory of your previous month

Look at what do you did last month, not the physical items you have but the actions you took towards your goals. You want to take both positive and negative, working on 2 positives for each negative. this gets you in a great mindset and has you focusing on what worked rather than beating yourself up for what didn’t.

2: Assess what worked

Now look at the positive and what worked, how can you do this more? If you were running, did a certain app work for you? If it was your business, was it an action like going live? Now, what didn’t work? Guess what? STOP DOING THOSE THINGS.

3: Schedule those things that worked

Now those things you listed in step2, grab a calendar and start doing more of them.

4: Set Goals

Now I want you to set goals, dream goals. Things so big they scare you! I have heard a lot about smart goals but if you stay in your comfort zone you won’t grow. So dream big, check out this post on DUMB Goals. Now I want to tell you with these goals, you need a destination, and it doesn’t matter if it takes you 6 weeks or 6 years to complete your journey if you don’t have a destination in mind it will never happen.ย  This is also how you start building a manifestation dream board. I’ll blog about that this month.


5: Write it down!

It’s actually a scientific thing when you write down your goals you can connect the two hemispheres of your brain. If you want the science side, check out this paper.

So when you write things down it can help with memory as well as improving your ability to reach your goal and then READ it often. there is no limit on how many pages this needs to be so if its 1 great, 10 that’s ok too. Get it on paper and check out what happens ๐Ÿ˜€




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